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C. E. Lawrence/Carole Bugge's short story "The Way It Is" appears in in the 4th edition of the bilingual literary journal diSONARE. (Available through Issuu, an online magazine service). Story on page 75.  LINK to website


Publication Date:
September 25, 2012

killing and, to be successful at it, he knows he must be patient, like an actor preparing for a role. He must cast the part of the victim and stage the scene of the crime. Next he must find the motivation to kill. Then, with blade in hand, he must make it real. So real, it hurts.

   DEATH WEARS A MASK: NYPD profiler Lee Campbell arrives to find the victim lying in the lobby of her building. In a pool of blood. Wearing a white mask. When he learns the girl was an actress, he follows the trail to an off-Broadway theater where she was rehearsing for a play. But Campbell suspects the killer was rehearsing, too — for another murder — because one of the victim’s co-stars has just received a warning: “You’re next.”


Publication Date:
August 7, 2012

   THERE IS A METHOD TO HIS MADNESS: He chooses his tools with precision. Stalks his victims with cold efficiency. Plans his attack using mathematical logic. Now he is ready to play.

   THERE ARE RULES TO HIS GAME: When the killer’s first letter arrives at the station, NYPD profiler Lee Campbell suspects the writer is daring him to match wits with a dangerous — and brilliant — criminal mind. But once this “Alleyway Strangler” starts leaving specially targeted messages with each surgically carved corpse, Campbell realizes it’s not just personal. It’s perfectly calculated to destroy him.


Publication Date:

December 6, 2011

picks her up in a Manhattan night club. Another trendy victim of the latest downtown scene. Young. Fresh. Healthy. Perfect. The police find
her body in a Bronx park. Pale as a ghost. Peaceful in death. Her life has been drained away. Slowly. Methodically. Brilliantly. 

   NO ONE SURVIVES WHAT HE TAKES: Police profiler Lee Campbell has seen the gruesome handiwork of the most deranged criminal minds, but this is something new and unbelievably twisted. A blood-obsessed lunatic who chooses his victims with deadly, loving care, and that and forces Campbell to confront the demons in his own life. No matter who wins this game, there will be blood.